Do you have a kids boxing program? Do you offer private lessons for kids? How old does someone have to be to take a group class?

We do not offer a kid’s program or train children.  Age 18 and over are welcome in our group classes, or age 16 when training WITH a parent.  At K-FIT our focus is adult fitness.    We are passionate about helping adults become better, stronger versions of themselves.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Please contact K-FIT by e-mail prior to attending your first class.  An Intro Lesson is required prior to joining any group class. We recommend you bring a bottle of water and a towel.  K-FIT is no longer offering loaner gloves or wraps due to COVID-19, and you will be required to bring your own gloves & wraps.

What kind of boxing is it? Will I get punched?

All K-FIT classes are non-contact fitness boxing classes.

What kind of gloves should I buy?

We recommend women purchase 14oz boxing gloves and large men purchase 16oz  or 18oz boxing gloves.  The heavier the gloves, the more padding they will provide for your knuckles and the stronger your arms will become.  Amazon offers a wide range of boxing gloves, from $40 synthetic Title gloves (on the low end) to $80 Fairtex leather (mid-range), and on up from there. Even with daily class use, a low end pair of gloves should last 6 months and a high end pair for a year or more.

What about hand wraps?

Hand wraps help support the wrist, reducing injuries that result from incorrect punching form.  Hand wraps also help to cushion the knuckles.  Some people prefer the ease of gel hand wraps, which easily slip on and off.   Traditional fabric hand wraps are very common in boxing gyms.     YouTube offers several instructional videos to help you learn how to wrap your hands if you opt for traditional fabric wraps.