Gym Policies


We specialize in adult fitness! Seniors, Parkinsons’ boxing, men’s and women’s classes are available at K-FIT.  Our members range in age from 18 to 84.


K-FIT’s Intro Lesson covers the basics in a one-on-one setting lasting 35-45 minutes.  The Intro Lesson is $40 and includes one trial group class in the cost.  Even if you have prior boxing experience, this lesson is necessary as different gyms teach different styles of boxing.  It also allows us to assess your ability and recommend the best group classes for you.  If you are ready to schedule an Intro Lesson, e-mail us at

This policy allows us to offer the highest quality training to our dedicated members. We have found over the years we’ve been in business that allowing people to drop in occasionally is not good for the person dropping in or for the regular members. The person dropping in occasionally never fully grasps or develops their boxing skills. They are also unable to grow in their fitness without implementing a regular commitment to both boxing and working out. We encourage everyone to commit to at least two days a week of attending classes. Many of our members choose to train more days than that, with some at the gym five or six days each week. We love to teach our classes new boxing techniques and exercises, but if someone hasn’t attended in a long time and has forgotten the basics, the rest of the class is held back. This should not deter someone from joining, as our classes are very encouraging to beginners who show a commitment and desire to learn and grow. It is when someone lacks that commitment and continually holds back a class with very spotty attendance that it becomes an issue for the rest of class. While we need to make money to stay in business, our reason for being in business is to help you become a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself. In order to do that, you need to attend regularly! This does not mean if you have trained with us in the past we do not want to see you again. We do! We realize life has setbacks and trials. If you have fallen off the workout wagon and are ready to come back regularly, we look forward to welcoming you back! You may need a refresher, so please reach out to us before you return to make sure we have a few minutes before class to review the basics with you if it has been a while since we’ve seen you.

If you have trained at K-FIT for any length of time you know that we don’t cancel classes willy-nilly. We do, however, take time throughout the year to get away for our own well-being and to visit family over holidays. Again, we are a small family run business with very limited but highly trained and committed instructors. We are not a big-box gym with an endless supply of employees/trainers available to cover classes. We do not take excessive amounts of vacations (less than 10 days closed for vacation each year to date) and we are yet to close for a single sick day in all of our years in business.

We close on major holidays and the occasional vacation or weekend away. We announce the days we will be closed at the beginning of each month. We do not offer refunds or discounts for the days we are gone. The same holds true for the times our members are gone on vacation or away for injuries or sickness. We count on regular dues from our members to run our business, just as the members count on us to be there for their fitness and well-being.

If you are a member of our gym, you are responsible for paying your dues at the beginning of each month. We do not auto-bill your card. You can pay by credit card, check or cash. We do not have discount policies for students or additional family members. If you cannot afford your gym membership and still want to train at K-FIT, please talk to us and we can see if a sponsorship is available. In the past we have had several gym members willing to anonymously cover half the fees of a fellow members’ dues when they are going through hardship. This has become known as the K-FIT scholarship fund, and we are happy to discuss this with you on an as-needed basis.

Monthly Membership:

Membership Options:
Earlybird Boxing
Ladies Only Boxing
Men’s Boxing
Rock Steady Boxing
Silver Gloves Boxing

For those who live further away and cannot attend two classes per week, we will still offer the “Members Only Punch Card.” This is the only non-monthly option to attend classes at K-FIT, and the cost for a 10-class pass is $140. These cards expire 4 months from the date of purchase. There are several of our Rock Steady Boxers who drive quite a long distance to join us for one class a week, and this option may be best for them, bringing the cost of each class to $14 instead of $25 per class for once a week attendance.

For more information on pricing please contact